Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie din Craiova

Update in Urinary and Male Genital Tracts Pathology

13th - 17th of April 2016


Post-graduate residential course for young European pathologists based on workshops, slide seminars and few lectures to update and standardise participants diagnostic ability. This course is designed after the European School of Pathology course previously organized in Torino, Italy.


The five-day course (13th - 17th of April, 2016) will take place at The Fundata Resort (GPS: Longitudine / Latitudine: 45 27 49 N 25 18 15 E), and will cover updates of a broad spectrum of pathological aspects in Urinary and Male Genital Tracts Pathology.

The course will be leaded by the highly recognized European experts:
- Prof. Antonio Lopez Beltran (Cordoba),
- Prof. Rodolfo Montironi (Ancona),
- Prof. Marina Scarpelli (Ancona),
- Prof. Maurizio Colecchia (Milan),
- Prof. Gregor Mikuz (Innsbruck),

The course is credited with 27 points CME.
The course slides will be available only online through a Wi-Fi hot-spot, so please bring your laptops/tablets with you.
Online registration will be available until the 4th of April 2016 23:59.