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European Society of Pathology Membership

About registration

In order to become a member of the European Society of Pathology (ESP) you have to register on the ESP website.
For this go to the ESP website and click the "Login" button. On the Login page, scroll down and click the "Online membership application" button. Fill the form with your personal and institutional data, enter the anti-spam calculous and click the "Send" button.
The membership fee is 50 Euros / year (40 Euros if you pay it by 31st of January), but it comes with other science related offers.
The membership remains free for residents, though in order to register as resident you have to attach the "Proof of residency" document, signed by your hospital representative.
After you have succesfully registerd you will see a confirmation message and you will be contacted by the ESP representative.
You can directly access the registration form by following this link.

Registration tutorial

Follow this step by step vizual tutorial.